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Spend an hour learning about Google Drive on the Web with Getting Started with Google Drive Series. Here or watch all the videos on left or above playlist.


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The Learning Center

The G Suite Learning Center has all the steps performed in the YouTube Videos I have created along with updated cheat sheets and will always be up to date.

All of the steps in The Learning Center site for Getting Started are in the playlist above in this site are for the visual learner that wants to see it done first and then practice on your own.

Create, Edit and Share Files with Google Drive

Switch from Drive C:\

Get Drive File Stream & Google Backup and Sync

Only available to G Suite users for your domain.

NOT AVAILABLE to or free Google Account users.

Get Drive File Stream Works with Google Team Drives

Install on all your Machines for access to all your files without taking up space on you machine. Upload by dragging files into a Virtual G:\ Drive. If you already have the Google Drive Backup and Sync Utility use this as access to a second Google Drive Account.

Get Google Drive Backup & Sync

Available for ALL G Suite & Gmail or Free Google Accounts

Does NOT use Team Drives

This utility will Backup data from your computer to Google Drive. You will be able to access all the files download on to your Computer from Google Drive then Sync back any changes to your file back in drive with the revision history of the file.

This tool can cause Network Congestion for your network so please consider do initial Sync off hours to prevent issues or pause the utility when necessary. NEW FEATURE: You can also set Upload and Download limitations.

Now that you have gone through the Your First Days Guide you might be ready to start becoming a creator on the web.

Are you ready to start creating in the New Google Sites?

In the Next Series, we will learn:

  • How to Create a Google Site

  • Insert Content in Sites

  • Add Pages to your site

  • Change Themes

  • Share your page privately or with the world

  • And we will cover Admin Topics like mapping a site to a domain name or subdomain.